Tuesday 31 July 2018

Death Over Easy (Country Store Mysteries #5) by Maddie Day

Death Over Easy (Country Store Mysteries #5)
Restaurateur Robbie Jordan is ready for the boost in business a local music festival brings to South Lick, Indiana, but the beloved event strikes a sour note when one of the musicians is murdered . . .
June’s annual Bill Monroe Bluegrass Festival in neighboring Beanblossom is always a hit for Robbie’s country store and cafĂ©, Pans ‘N Pancakes. This year, Robbie is even more excited, because she’s launching a new bed and breakfast above her shop. A few festival musicians will be among Robbie’s first guests, along with her father, Roberto, and his wife, Maria. But the celebration is cut short when a performer is found choked to death by a banjo string. Now all the banjo players are featured in a different kind of lineup. To clear their names, Robbie must pair up with an unexpected partner to pick at the clues and find the plucky killer before he can conduct an encore performance . . .  (Summary via Goodreads)

I LOVE the Country Store Mystery series by Maddie Day and especially love Death Over Easy.  Death Over Easy is the fifth book in this series so if you are reading them in order, you are already in love with Robbie, her aunt Adele, her boyfriend Abe, her kitchen staff, the restaurant/vintage cookware store she owns and everything else in South Lick, Indiana.  However, as you know there is always more love to give around and in Death Over Easy Robbie has just welcomed the first guests to her new bed and breakfast !!!  She has been renovating the second floor of Pans 'N Pancakes so that she can have overnight guests and with a music festival going on in a neighboring town, now is the best time !!  And one of the rooms is being occupied by her father and his wife visiting from Italy.  We have met her namesake father, Roberto in previous books but only via email communications so to have him visiting, it is very exciting !!!

Yes I am writing this like I actually live in South Lick and Robbie is my friend.  Well if you read books and get lost in them like I do, they become a part of you while you are reading them and you actually do feel like you are there and a part of everything !!!  That is the definition of a good book !!  The defintion of a great book is when you are a reader that is dedicated to an author and their books in a series and cannot wait to get your hands on the latest book in that series and once you do, you cannot stop reading it !!
You know an author is great when you read their books and even after you finish the book, you carry the story and the chracters with you until the next book and then it is just like you are HOME...... its an amazing feeling and I truly hope that Maddie Day and her books become a part of your life because they are a treasure to behold........

Review by Missi S.

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