Friday 1 June 2018

For Sale By Killer (Cindy York #3) by Catherine Bruns

For Sale By Killer (Cindy York, #3)
From USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bruns comes a delightfully deadly new Cindy York Mystery...

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Words for Cindy York to live by. The struggling real estate agent, full-time mother, and part-time sleuth has been having a tough winter and is desperate for a juicy commission. When she stumbles across a quaint mansion that's "For Sale by Owner," she can hardly believe her luck. Percy Rodgers is anxious to move and immediately hires Cindy as his agent. But when she shares the exciting news with boss and best bud, Jacques Forte, he tells her that Mr. Rodgers neighborhood is a dangerous place to play, since the man just served 20 years for murdering his wife. Before Cindy can axe the deal, she stumbles over another dead body inside the house and is swept up in family drama, resentment, and decade old secrets that someone will kill to keep. If Cindy isn’t careful, this may end up being one deal that really is to die for.

Cindy York Mysteries:
Killer Transaction – book #1
Priced to Kill – book #2
For Sale By Killer – book #3

What critics are saying:
"Lock up your house before you begin Killer Transaction. You'll want no interruptions once you start this fast-paced tale of murder, family issues, and competitive real estate sales. A quick, enjoyable read!"
—Nancy J. Cohen, bestselling author of the Bad Hair Day Mysteries
"Catherine Bruns closes the deal with this fantastic cozy. I loved everything about this story from the characters to the plot, the setting and the pace. I cannot wait to see what adventures Cindy gets up to next. If you enjoy your cozy with strong heroines and interesting circumstances this is a must read."
—Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick!

"Ms. Bruns is an excellent writer—her style was definitely to get out of the way and let this reader enjoy the experience."
—The Kindle Book Review
   (Summary via Goodreads)

Cindy York is someone to admire !!  She is a devoted mother....a loving wife....committed to her job as a real estate agent.....always there for her best friend....willing to go above and beyond for the people she loves not to mention helping those in need.

Cindy York is the main character in the Cindy York Mystery series written by Catherine Bruns and For Sale by Killer is the third book in this amazing series.  Cindy and her best friend/boss, Jacques are always there for each other and in For Sale by Killer you will see just how there for each other they are !!  Even though Cindy just gave birth to her fourth child and it was a C-section, that will not stop her from getting the listing on a million dollar Victorian mansion.  But nothing in her years of experience or training can prepare her for what happens .......

Before she can get a signature on paper to list the home for sale, she finds out that the owner is a convicted killer.  He insists that he did not kill his wife and Cindy believes him !!  While Cindy tries to sell the house, she finds herself looking for clues and trying to solve the murder.......  Even when it seems that Cindy doesn't have it together, she fools the reader and amazes us all. 

Bruns will have you captivated from the second you pick up For Sale by Killer until you read the last word.  And the way she spins the story with all the twists and turns will have you longing for more......

Review by Missi S.

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