Wednesday 14 February 2018

The Cat of the Baskervilles (A Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery #3) by Vicki Delany

The Cat of the Baskervilles (A Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery #3)
The show is coming to town on Cape Cod. The West London Theater Festival is putting on a stage production of The Hound of the Baskervilles. Gemma Doyle is excited and participating with her friend Jayne Wilson, whose mother, Leslie, just happens to be volunteering with the company. Leslie arranges a fundraising tea party at the home of the festival organizer, catered by Mrs. Hudson’s Tea Room. The tea is a rousing success, but Sir Nigel Bellingham, the famous star cast as the lead of Sherlock, goes missing. And Gemma finds him at the bottom of the cliff. Dead.

Before the tea, Sir Nigel had come by the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop, only for Gemma to realize that he’s not at all suited to the role. But as Gemma and Jayne investigate, the list of suspects just grows longer. Long past his prime, Sir Nigel was second to a younger actor who had first been given the role. The festival’s executive director also expressed that he had been hired over her objections. Then there are the slew of people to whom Sir Nigel was rude. They all have motive, but then a scrap of Leslie’s apron caught on a bush by Sir Nigel’s body is found. And the police are set to pounce as she becomes suspect #1.

It’s up to Gemma and Jayne to team up again and clear Jayne’s mother’s name in The Cat of the Baskervilles, the delightful third Sherlock Holmes Bookshop mystery.
   (Summary via Goodreads)

There is so much to love about the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery series by Vicki Delany... I almost don't even know where to begin !!!  

I guess the BEST place to start is with the main character, Gemma Doyle.  She is a smart, independent, strong single woman who has a great almost envy her but you can't because you will love her too much.  Gemma is co-owner of the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Empoirum with her great uncle as well as part owner of Mrs. Hudson's Tea Room next door.  Gemma's best friend Jayne owns and runs the tearoom.  But Uncle Authur is always traveling so Gemma and Jayne run the businesses together.

The businesses are in West Loudon, Massachusetts which is a touristy summer town and in The Cat of the Baskervilles the town is getting ready for the summer festival seasona and a well-known actor is going to be starring in one of the summer productions.  Unfortunately during a tea to raise money for the theatre group the main character, Sir Nigel Bellingham, ends up dead !!  And to make matters worse Jayne's mother, Leslie, is looking to be the main suspect !!!

You will love the friendships among the characters in the group, you will love the bookstore and the tearoom and will see yourself sitting in the corner of the tearoom drinking your tea with your book or browsing the shelves at the bookstore.....and you will most definitely be sitting along side Gemma as she goes about town innocently observing while gathering information to clear Jayne's mom.

But yes this is a murder mystery and someone has died and that is "dark" but the colorful way that Delany writes the story is magical !!!  And don't worry there is someone that you will dislike and sorry no it is not the killer.  It is the main Detective Ryan's partner Louise Estrada.  Louise doesn't like Gemma and everyone knows it !!  It could because of the close relationship Gemma has with Ryan, or it could be that she thought she was going to be promoted but Ryan was instead or it could be because Gemma seems to always be in the middle of every case there is and Gemma seems to be able to help solve the crimes.  Whatever the reasoning is you will love the way that Ryan is always in the middle of it.

YES there is a lot to love about this series and with every new book in the series you fall deeper and deeper into the series.  The only thing you won't like is that the books have to end.....and BOY does Delany know how to leave the reader wanting more !!!  Book four I can hardly wait !!!

Review by Missi S.


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