Wednesday 31 January 2018

Frosted with Revenge (Cookies & Chance Mystery #4) by Catherine Bruns

Frosted with Revenge (Cookies & Chance Mystery #4)
Sally Muccio’s walk down the aisle might be her last.
The some-time amateur sleuth and full-time bakery owner is finally marrying the man of her dreams. But during a last minute taste testing of their wedding cake, Sally and her fiancé are witnesses—and almost victims!—of a random shooting. At least they think it’s random, until an original fortune cookie message proves otherwise. Is someone after Sally? And why does the mysterious shooter want to ice the baker? Sal tries to proceed with caution, but when someone close to her is attacked, all bets are off. She'll do whatever it takes to bring this monster to justice, even if it means sacrificing herself in the process.
Can Sal make it to the church on time…and alive?  (Summary via Goodreads)

If you aren't a fan of Catherine Bruns and her Cookies and Chance Mystery series....what are you waiting for ???  Sally and Mike are getting married and you won't want to miss their big day !!  

Frosted with Revenge is the fourth book in this series and if you have been reading them from the first one, you are totally in love with Sally, Mike and the rest of the crew.  And you are well invested in their lives and you will not be able to resist the urge to continue reading until the last page.

Sally and Mike are getting married but as they are planning their big day someone else has other plans for wanting her dead !!!  Now you know that Sally can take care of herself but in Frosted with Revenge she is pushed to her limits !!  And it all starts when her and Mike are at the bakery for the taste testing for their wedding cake ( I know....why isn't her best friend and partner in the cookie shop Josie making the cake ?? ).  As Mike is outside taking a phone call another bride-to-be stands in front of Sally in the window and is shot !!  So instead of the week before their wedding being a happy time for them, they are forced to change all their plans and try to find out who wants Sally dead before someone else gets killed.

The Cookies and Chance Mystery series is more than just a's a family !!  Once you read the first book, you are hooked and feel like a member of the crazy Muccio family.  So when you do get to Frosted with Revenge, make sure you are somewhere comfortable with a box of tissues because you will not be able to hold in the emotions that arise !!

Review by Missi S.

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