Friday 5 January 2018

A Devious Death (A Lady & Lady's Maid Mystery #3) by Alyssa Maxwell

A Devious Death (A Lady & Lady's Maid Mystery, #3)
In the sobering yet hopeful years following the First World War, Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady’s maid, Eva Huntford, find their summer plans marred by an instance of murder . . .
Phoebe and her sister Julia are eager for a summer getaway at High Head Lodge, the newly purchased estate of their cousin Regina. But they are not the only houseguests. Regina's odd friend, Olive, is far from friendly, and Regina's mother and brother—bitter over the unequal distribution of her father's inheritance—have descended on the house to confront Regina.
In addition to the family tension, Eva is increasingly suspicious of Lady Julia's new maid. She questions Miss Stanley's loyalty and integrity, wondering why she left her former employer so suddenly. And why does Regina seem ill at ease around the maid, as if they were previously acquainted? Everyone, it appears, is on edge.
But things go from tense to tragic when their hostess meets an untimely end—mysteriously murdered in her bed with no signs of struggle. Now, with suspects in every room, Lady Phoebe and Eva must uncover secrets hidden behind closed doors—before a killer ensures they never leave High Head Lodge . . . alive.  (Summary via Goodreads)

It always amazes me how much research goes into a fictional story.  I use to just read a book, enjoy the story and leave it at that.  But now when I read a book, I not only enjoy the story but appreciate the hard work that the author put into the story to ensure that it captures the reader's attention.  After all an author's goal is to tell an interesting story, one that will mesmerize the reader and if the author is lucky the story will stay with the reader even after the last word is read and the book is closed.

And Alyssa Maxwell had mastered that !!!  A Devious Death is the third book in her Lady and Lady's Maid Mystery series and with each book, I grow to love Lady Phoebe and her Lady's Maid Eva more and more !!  

There is so much to love with these stories....the relationships among the main characters Lady Phoebe, her Lady's Maid Eva, Miles who is the Constable always on the job, and Lady Phoebe's older sister Julia.  Of course other people are always introduced in the books as with A Devious Death.....Lady Phoebe and Lady Julia go to their cousin Regina's new home to help her with ideas for redecorating the huge estate.  Only to have the rest of Regina's family show up unannounced claiming that Regina owes them money because she was named the only heir to her father's estate.

There ends up more questions than answers when Regina is found murdered and her "friend" Olive is the one to find her.  Everyone is under suspicion, even Regina's mother and brother, and then when another person is murdered and a couple show up who aren't who they claim to be no one is safe....but no one can leave either.....per the Constable's orders.

Every time I read an Alyssa Maxwell novel I end up reading a remarkable story as well as learning a thing or two.....  There within again I must applaud Maxwell and all other authors for all the work that they put into a story just so that I, a reader, can get lost for a while.....

Review by Missi S.

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