Monday 23 October 2017

Murder in Little Shendon by A.H. Richardson

Murder in Little Shendon

MURDER IN LITTLE SHENDON Picture, if you will, a picturesque village called Little Shendon, suddenly caught up in dealing with a murder of one of its citizens - not a particularly well-liked one at that. Which makes it all the more intriguing because the list of suspects becomes very long. This tantalizing tale unfolds with delightful twists and turns to find out whodunit to Mr. Bartholomew Fynche, the murdered shopkeeper. Fear grips the community as the investigation slowly progresses. Everyone is interviewed; everyone is suspect! From the murdered man's housekeeper to Lady Armstrong, her staff and her nephew. Or could it be the shy librarian new in town? Or the defiant retired army major and his ladyfriend, the post mistress? Or perhaps the weird sisters who live on the edge of town? Then there is the couple who own the local inn and pub, along with the two Americans who are staying there? Even the vicar and his wife fall under the gloom of suspicion. Uncertainty, wariness, and terror reign as neighbors watch neighbors to discover the evil that permeates their upturned lives. No one feels safe in this charming little village. A.H. Richardson, noted author, places in your trembling hands a mystery murder that will keep you reading until you learn the details, uncovered by Police Inspector Stanley Burgess and his two amateur detectives, his friend Sir Victor Hazlitt and the famed Shakespearean actor Beresford Brandon. Scratch your head with them over the strange clues that turn up. Follow them as they tread carefully among the landmines that appear innocent as they lie hidden beneath the surface of mystery. Something evil skulks in this tiny country village. Who is the murderer? And why was this strange uncivil man dispatched in such a seemingly civil community? You are challenged to discover the culprit before the last few pages. And no fair looking ahead - it's the journey that proves the most enticing.  (Summary via Goodreads)

Murder in Little Shendon by A.H. Richardson is such a clever tale !!

Richardson wastes no time in presenting the murder.  Chapter 1, page 3 and you have antique shop owner Bartholomew Fynche dead on the floor in his office.  Fynche was not a likeable person, actually it seemed he was hated by everyone who lived in the small town.  That means that the suspect list was quite long.

Inspector Burgess enlists the help of Sir Victor Hazlitt and Beresford Brandon.  Although Brandon is an actor he has experience and knowledge in criminology and being an actor may help him to interview people while keeping them at ease.

Richardson has developed a very interesting and unique cast of characters that reside in Little Sheldon.  As you read the story and ride along with Inspector Burgess and his two helpers, you get acquainted with the town as well as the residents.  I'm sure that you will agree with me that you do not envy their tasks in the least.  With everyone having disliked Fynche how will they solve the murder......

And when another person, Lady Armstrong's cook Flora Riley, is found murdered, it is more difficult to tie the two crimes together.

But where there is a will, there is a way and the way that these three men work together and solve both murders will have you applauding Richardson and looking forward to the next book....

Review by Missi S.

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