Saturday 15 July 2017

Murder in Mayfair (Atlas Catesby #1) by D.M. Quincy

Murder in Mayfair (Atlas Catesby #1)
In 1810, Atlas Catesby, a brilliant adventurer and youngest son of a baron, is anxious to resume his world travels after a carriage accident left him injured in London. But his plans are derailed when, passing through a country village, he discovers a helpless woman being auctioned off to the highest bidder--by her husband.

In order to save her from being violated by another potential buyer, Atlas purchases the lady, Lilliana, on the spot to set her free. But Lilliana, desperate to be with her young sons and knowing the laws of England give a father all parental rights, refuses to be rescued--until weeks later when her husband is murdered and Atlas is the only one who can help clear her name of the crime.

Fortunately, Atlas is a master at solving complicated puzzles, both with games and the intricacies of human motivation, and finds himself uniquely suited to the task, despite the personal peril it may put him in. But soon Altas learns the dead man had many secrets--and more than a few enemies willing to kill to keep them quiet--in Murder in Mayfair, the first in a new historical mystery series by D. M. Quincy.  (Summary via Goodreads)

What do you do if you are enjoying a meal when you hear a commotion outside where a woman is being auctioned off by her husband ?  If you are a gentlemen like Atlas Catesby, you venture outside.  And if you are truly a gentlemen, you purchase the woman so that you can insure that she will be protected.

After Atlas saves the woman from her cruel husband he takes her to his sister's home until he can get to know her and figure out the best way to help her.  But before he can do that, things get worse.  The woman that he rescued Lilliana Warwick has 2 young sons and her husband Godfrey refuses to allow her to see them.  And before anything can be worked out Godfrey is found dead in the apartment above his store....and it is ruled murder.  

Atlas takes it upon himself to investigate Godfrey's death in order to clear Lilliana's name as well as his own.  Unfortunately as he investigates, the suspect list grows in numbers and the clues lead Atlas to secrets in Lilliana's past as well as Godfrey's family.

Murder in Mayfair has more turns that a country back road.  D. M. Quincy keeps the reader on their toes and their eyes on the pages.  Luckily there isn't a speed limit when reading...there would surely be tickets for speed written.  I truly loved the twists and turns throughout the story and cannot wait for more books in the series.

Review by Missi S.

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