Tuesday 6 June 2017

River City Dead (Aggie Mundeen Mystery #4) by Nancy G. West

River City Dead (Aggie Mundeen Mystery #4)

Advice columnist Aggie Mundeen and SAPD Detective Sam Vanderhoven plan their first rendezvous at a San Antonio River Walk hotel during Fiesta Week—sumptuous sights, sounds, and festivities in the middle of America’s Venice. A vacation from crime and a reset for their tumultuous relationship.

But murder descends on the Casa Prima Hotel. Disturbing revelations surface about the Fabulous Femmes, Aggie’s new friends holding a convention. Evil emerges at parties in La Villita. Calamity plagues Aggie’s debut dance performance at the Arneson River Theater, the celebration skewed by carousing, crazies, and corpses. Even in idyllic River City, crime complicates relationships.

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River City Dead by Nancy G. West is the fourth book in her Aggie Mundeen Mystery series.... It is the first book in this series that I have read.  Fortunately I wasn't lost reading it.  I know in a perfect world we want to read a series from the beginning. however, as a book reviewer / blogger that seldom happens.  It is always a concern when reading a book well into the series that you will be lost or fear that you won't be able to enjoy the story.  HAVE NO FEAR because River City Dead is not like that.

As soon as I started reading River City Dead I was engrossed in the story and felt like I was a long time friend of Aggies.  And the setting....smack dab in the middle of Fiesta Week !!  Oh what a thrill !!  

Aggie and her Detective boyfriend are meeting at a hotel where the festivities are taking place.  Aggie of course is very excited until she gets there and finds out someone has died....in the penthouse suite that Sam had reserved.  As if that isn't bad enough when Sam lets her look in at the crime scene Aggie recognizes the deceased.  It is her neighbor and friends daughter in-law and they all had lunch recently.  

Sam has to be there to help in the investigation when it is ruled a homicide.  Aggie refused to leave and go home when she knows she can help with the investigation.  And she has a strong desire to have the case solved and give the girl and her family peace.

While Sam is doing his part, Aggie is investigating some of the other guests at the hotel who also knew the deceased.  

Who will solve the case ?  Will Aggie get herself in trouble ?  Can Aggie and Sam trust each other and strengthen their relationship ?

Even though this is the first book that I have read in this series, I can assure you that it is not my last !!  I need to know more about Aggie and where things are heading with Sam.....

Review by Missi S.

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  1. Thank you Cozy Mystery Book Reviews and Missi for reviewing River City Dead. I love writing about Aggie and Detective Sam and they always surprise me!