Sunday 30 October 2016

Cat's Cradle: A Crazy Cat Lady short story by Mollie Hunt

Cat's Cradle: A Crazy Cat Lady short story

Lynley Cannon knows the sound of a cat in trouble, so when she hears plaintive mews coming from a gym bag on the floor of a vacant warehouse, she has no choice but to respond. Lynley isn’t the only one who is after that gym bag. As shots fly, Lynley and Kitten run for their lives in this Crazy Cat Lady cozy mystery short story.  (Summary via Goodreads)

What a cute short story by Mollie Hunt.  Cat's Cradle lets the reader get to know Lynley Cannon a little better and shows the reader just how much she adores cats and how far she will go for these animals.

As Lynley is walking she hears a faint meow and in the area that she is in, she knows that it can't be a good thing.  So while she follows the sounds coming from the kitten, she finds that the kitten is in a gym bag in an old warehouse.  Unfortunately the zipper is stuck so she cannot rescue the kitty.  As she ponders what to do she hears footsteps and tries to find a place to hide.  She takes off with the gymbag while someone is shooting at her.

Why is someone shooting at her ?  Why is the kitten stuck inside of a gymbag ?  What else is in the gymbag ?  Is this the end for her ??

For Cat's Cradle being a short story there is a lot going on.  So if you find you have a few minutes of spare time, Cat's Cradle is just right for you !!!  

Review by Missi S.

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