Thursday 14 April 2016

Caramel Creme Killer: Book 3 in The INNcredibly Sweet Series by Summer Prescott

Caramel Creme Killer: Book 3 in The INNcredibly Sweet Series

If you loved the Frosted Love series, you’ll love its next chapter… 
The INNcredibly Sweet series. 

The sleepy seaside town of Calgon, Florida is rocked when a pillar of the community is murdered. Much to the astonishment of Chas, Missy and the gang, the suspects are many and the clues are far too few in this suspenseful tale of mystery and intrigue.  (Summary via Goodreads)

This series is a yummy one! Book three Caramel Creme Murder of The INNcredibly Sweet series will have you gripped in suspense. 

Missy opens her bakery a little early after she sees an older lady with two cute dogs in her arms at the door. She finds out it is Dayne Baker a pillar in the community of Calgon. She has come in to try out the bakery and introduce herself to Missy. Missy instantly falls for Dayne and she starts to come in almost daily. Soon Missy finds out from her friends Echo and Kel that Dayne is finally going to be noticed this year in the MayDay Parade for all that she has done and still does for Calgon. 

Dayne ends up going to see an old friend, Walt at Havenwood a nursing facility. He has Dementia and his wife, her best friend Clara couldn't take care of him at home anymore. She and Clara along with a few other old friends play cards at Clara's every Thursday. 

While visiting Walt on his birthday she finds out that his wife Clara had been found murdered! Dayne is devastated and ends up at the bakery crying. Missy and her friends Echo and Kel want to help with the investigation to get justice a help Dayne through this hard time. 

Meanwhile Spencer is getting closer and closer to Izzy, the writer staying at the Bed and Breakfast. This has his old friend Janssen none to happy! Then something happens to change everything and has Spencer rethinking everything. 

Will Kel find out who killed Clara before another person including Echo and himself get hurt???
Will Spencer be able to keep his past a secret or has it finally caught up to him???

This series is a fast paced must read!

Review by Penny M.

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